Here we are. Here you are. Our little corner on the big bad interweb where we post pictures, thoughts and news from our 6 month trip around South America. A boy, a girl, a big van, a couple of guide books, and an overwhelming sense of optimism and thirst for adventure.

We decided to set this up after countless friends asked us how they will see what we are up to, family wanted to see pictures but are not quite Instagram savvy and former traveller friends suggested it’d be a great thing to come back to in a years time. Or five. Or twenty. We also thought that others who might be interested in doing a similar trip might want to avoid making the same mistakes we most definitely will or look for tips and advice.

So here we all are. Don’t expect regular updates. Don’t go hunting for always lucid and well articulated thoughts; after all this is two peoples’ blog. Nevertheless we do hope you enjoy.


Daphne & Andy




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