Last 24 hours in London

We are currently in a hotel in Gatwick as our flight tomorrow morning leaves quite early and neither of us fancied waking up at the crack of dawn, packing duvet, pillows etc.

It’s been raining all day; a typical grey and rainy London day. The hotel looks like something that came out of the shinning. Any minute now Jack and the little kid on the bike will show up. This is a sharp contrast to yesterday.

Friday 11th; 13.15

Lunch at the Ledbury. Dresssed in our finest we stroll down Portobello Road; it’s a crisp sunny morning – one of those that makes you fall in love with London.

Courses paired with wines, multiple different amuse bouche, a pre-dessert, a cheese course and then more dessert. A signed menu by the chef as by the time we go everyone knows we are celebrating the start of our adventure.

Friday 11th; 18.30

Back home (via the Portobello Star). Annie Mac’s dance show is on. More discussions about last things to be packed on Saturday and a visit from our future tennant to hand over keys and talk through final details.

Packing Daphne-style

Friday 11th; 23.00

Countless hours spent adding widgets and plugins to the site, trying to figure out why photo galleries don’t work… I am humbled by the fact that whilst I claim to be a digital expert WordPress can bring me close to tears.

Saturday 12th; 10.00 

I am at Charles Worrhington getting final haircut before we go. Andy is at home, packing up his stuff (again) and putting final things in boxes.

Saturday 12th; 13.00

Final push. Everything’s now packed and stored away (including the pair of socks I was planning to wear on the trip). Hoover floors. Call parents to say we are off.

Look out the window. It’s grey and miserable. The kind of day that makes you stay in bed, under the duvet where it’s warm and safe and dry and ultimately wonder why you still live in London.

Look at each other. This is it. We are doing this.

Daphne & Andy 2
All packed up and ready to go
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