The Handmaid´s Tale by Margaret Atwood

Oof.  What a thorough and thought provoking book. I absolutely loved the writting, typical Atwood really and the pace at which the story unfolded. I enjoyed how it took the idea of woman as a vesel for breeding and the much argued sanctity of life from the conservative end of the spectrum and flipped it on its head.

The day I finished reading the book we watched Children of Men which explores similar themes but from a slightly different angle. Loved it

Genre: fiction
Subjects: feminism

I call myself a feminist

Book 3 on my feminist curriculum. This was a disappointment and I have to be upfront in that I am only 25% in. But I dont see how I will be wrapping this up 🙁

The book focuses on feminist issues from women who are 30 years or younger. And whilst I am not that older myself I find a lot of the issues irrelevant and more frustratingly I dont see any original thoughts or questions arising from the short essays. The inspirational quotes from famous women on feminism (eg Nora Ephron, Audrey Hepburn etc) I find a lot more interesting.

If i finish this I will come back to update this (unlikely)

Genre: non fiction
Subjects: feminism

We should all be feminists

Another very short read this time by the superbly eloquent Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. It offers a very interesting perspective in African feminism (is that even a term) and some of the struggles that women in countries like Nigeria face; some of which we have long forgotten about in the West.

Arguments are building up nicely

Genre: non fiction
Subjects: feminism

Feminism: A very short introduction by Margaret Walters

Feminism has been a burning topic of conversation in our long drives. Body image issues, my occasional (?) obsessions with food and need to exercise, Sheryl’s ‘Lean In’ book, the Womens Hour Power List 2016 (and Beyonce’s inclusion in that). They are all on the table and have at times prompted Andy to tell me that he’s more of a feminist than I am. So I decided to learn more about this and build my arguments.

This is the perfect place to start. A short (very short) history of the feminist movement starting in the 1700s and running up to the 1980s. A lot of food for thought, further books to read and notes made. A must

Genre: non fiction
Subjects: feminism, History