Surviving the long drives 

It’s now been a month and a bit that we’ve been travelling and we have almost perfected the art of in car entertainment. Two people, spending every waking hour together, stuck in a small confined and dusty place… it ain’t easy. Here are our tips for long drives and how to survive them.


They are life saviours and tend to give rise to interesting follow on conversation (i.e. More entertainment opportunities). Our favourites are

  1. The Tim Ferriss podcast where Tim interviews a series of people from all walks of life, some of them famous, some of them not who have something to say. One of our favourites is the Alex Honnold one (obviously) though one of this latest on “Tools of Titans” also generated quite a lot of conversation.
  2. The My Dad Wrote A Porno podcast. Does what it says on the tin. It’s probably the worst porn book out there but the commentary from the son and his two friends is legendary. Loads of laughs, some of them tear-inducing.
  3. Desert Island Discs. A classic though for some reason the recording is not loud enough so on gravel roads (ie most of the time) we can barely hear what Kristy and her guests are saying.
  4. The Moth and The Story Club. Podcasts where storytellers (professionals or not) narrate stories from their lives in open mike events. Random content but always very interesting.

20 questions.

Old school game, we play it often on long journeys to Font. Think of someone (dead or alive, real or fictional character) and the other person has 20 yes/ no questions to guess heir identity. We have recently narrowed down the scope to “people of note”; people that we think each other should know for their contributions to humanity / history. Choices have included Ansel Adams, Ada Lovelace, Lord Elgin.

Photo shoots.

I have become a master of spotting interesting pictures and Andy is always up for shooting things. Admittedly this often adds an hour or more to our drive or results in me posing barefoot with a flimsy dress in the middle of a muddy path – but it’s fun and yet another topic of conversation.


A lot of it and across all genres. From Diplo to Daft Punk to Beethoven and Verdi. Anything goes. Actually that’s not entirely true – my UK Top40 Spotify playlist was recently vetoed.

If anyone’s got any other ideas please let us know. Two of us in a van for another 4 months. And no, debating the weight of depleted uranium is not an option. That’s a cherished topic reserved for Orestis and Justin when driving to Font.

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