Back to Arica

Our original plan was to continue heading north from Cusco to Lima. We planned to drive to Pamela’s wedding and then head out to the Amazon before flying back to Santiago and from there to Easter Island.

But reports of flooding in northern Peru, ruined seaside towns and 70 dead gave us pause. We need to sell Gellan before we go so this is clearly not the time to adventure. Selling a foreign car in Peru is somewhat complicated compared to Chile and there are reports of car owners (Andy) not being able to leave the country without proof of having sold the car or left it with a Peruvian for safekeeping. Last but not least, most travellers are looking to buy cars in Santiago…

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Quick update 21.03.17

We are in Cusco and we are alive. We have not updated the site in a while because internet in Bolivia (yes we were there) was crap and then when we crossed into Peru I managed to give Andy “Deli Belly” (με αλλά λόγια γαστρεντερίτιδα). 

We have spent the last week in Cusco. Andy went mountain biking in the jungle, I went up to Machu Picchu. Most of our free time has been spent debating what we will do with our last 6 weeks in the continent in light of the floods in northern Peru. 2 pisco sours in (each) its looking like there’s a lot more surfing in our future – but who knows. 

There are more blogs and updates of our shenanigans coming up over the next week or so to catch you up with our adventures. 

Rest assured we are safe, not in imminent flood danger and, 5 months in, still talking to each other. 

Love you all 

Pisco sour #3 is waiting for us.