Last 24 hours in London

We are currently in a hotel in Gatwick as our flight tomorrow morning leaves quite early and neither of us fancied waking up at the crack of dawn, packing duvet, pillows etc.

It’s been raining all day; a typical grey and rainy London day. The hotel looks like something that came out of the shinning. Any minute now Jack and the little kid on the bike will show up. This is a sharp contrast to yesterday.

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The one thing no one really talks when it comes to taking a sabbatical is all the prep that has to happen before you set foot on the plane.

You will find a lot of sites talking about approaching your employer and asking for time off. We found this Forbes article and this very useful. But after that? Are you moving out of your house? Are you renting your house out? If so are you renting via AirBnB or through an agency? In the last couple of months we’ve had to deal with a lot of that. Here’s what we learned

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