The Marble Caves (Cuevas de Marmol)

The Marble Caves lie in the Chilean side of Lake General Carrera (or Buenos Aires Lake if you are in Argentina). It’s a Unesco heritage site and the next stop on our journey south.

Marble caves, Rio Tranquilo
View of the Marble Caves

About 5km off the tiny city of Puerto Tranquillo the caves rest in the far west side of the huge lake with its pristine turquoise waters. Puerto Tranquillo is a tiny village whose main focus seems to be catering for travellers passing through on their way south.

Our original plan was to kayak there however the relentless wind we encountered in Cerra Castillo had not eased up after our first two days in the village and so we opted for the more touristy and (we thought) lazy boat tour.

At first sight and from afar the caves do not look that exciting. Even the famous Capilla de Marmol looks small, just a rock formation resting upon the pristine waters. Our skipper took us on a quick tour around the various formations and then deftly navigated the shallow boat through the caves themselves. At which point I was mesmerised.

The pillars, caverns and tunnels that are formed by the water’s eon long and persistent kissing of the marble have formed the most extraordinary patterns in grey, white and blue.

A short stop on the long road over the Andes and into Argentina but well worth the effort. Even on a touristy boat tour.

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