The passport chronicles (part 3)

Passport is here. In my hands!!!!!!!!!!

The race is on for our randevouz in Arica. 4 flights for me; 2 of which have not been booked. 20hr drive for Andy who is still in the Chile – Argentina boarder.

Needless to say I’ve only got 3 hours to pack and head to the airport.

Huge thanks to my mum, dad, Andy’s mum and sister, Georgina, Paris, Leah, Zoe, Rich, Em, Deppy, Thanassis, the “feel good thread” gang and Pammy for their daily support and encouragement.  Special mention to my bro who patiently accumulated dozens of Amazon parcels and shipped them to Greece and Angelina who flew over from Stockholm for my birthday. And everyone else who I am sure I am forgetting now (this feels like an Oscars speech).

Part deux is on!

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