The dress series

About 7 months ago we were strolling around Osaka looking for Bladerunner- type shots. I was wearing a bright fuchsia dress. We stopped for a drink. One thing led to another and we ended up having a full blown photo shoot in Osaka’s busiest spot. Since then “the dress series” is a regular fixture of our trips.

The dress series
Inspired by the American Gothic painting this is one of the first pictures from The Dress Series

This often involves me walking around in a dress in very inappropriate locations and has resulted in me saying things I never thought I’d have to say.

“I am not walking barefoot in the snow…”

“No Andy. I am not climbing up the tree.”

Nevertheless “the dress series” is a project we very much enjoy working on. Here are the latest pictures.

American Gothic #2. Shot in Parque Quelat, half way up our hike to the glacier
American Gothic #3. Shot on the rocks across from The Marble Caves
Dress Series #3. Jumping on the rocks
American Gothic #4: Shot in the pampas, Routa 5. Andy got a haircut and a good beard trim shortly after 🙂
Dress Series #4: Shot in the Pampas, this was one of the most complicated shoots to date
Dress series #4: In the pampas
American Gothic #5: Shot in the dunes at Peninsula Valdez
Dress Series #5: Walking in sun dunes at Peninsula Vladez
Dress Series #6: En route from Refugio Frey to Refugio Jacob in Bariloche
Dress Series #7: Trying jumping shots in Tiwanaku
American Gothic #6: Ollantaytambo
Dress Series #8: Behind the scenes. Little known fact about these shots – they have been featured in a many a bewildered tourist’s holiday snaps
Dress Series #9: Ollantaytambo
Dress Series #10: Ollantaytambo
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